Plinko — Cat Show Style
BY LINDA OSBURN, Arrow Manx & Exotics

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On the TV show, "The Price Is Right", they play a game called Plinko.

The Plinko board has a series of pegs across its surface. At the bottom of the board is a row of slots - each slot is "worth" a different amount of points.

The contestant drops a round "puck" from the top of the Plinko board. The pegs send the puck bouncing all over the board until it finally comes to rest in one of the slots at the bottom.

The contestant earns the amount the slot is worth.

To maximize their "win", the contestant must choose the best place at the top of the board to "start" the puck. The result is part skill and part luck.

You might be thinking, "What does this have to do with showing cats?"

Well... The Plinko game came to mind last night while I was still awake at 1:45 am because I was fighting a miserable cold.

We could compare Plinko to the last few shows of the cat show season...

Deciding which show to go to for those last points that may determine where your cat finishes for the season is very much like deciding where to place the puck on a Plinko board.

And once you decide upon the show... it is like letting go of that Plinko puck. You wonder, "Have I made the right choice?" You have applied your best judgment - but now the results are in the laps of the gods.

So no matter where you placed the cat show puck, remember what a wonderful time you have had this show season... meeting new people... making new friends... and what a glorious time you have had all season with your very best friend, your cat.

I have made wonderful new friends this show season... and visited with old ones... and I am looking forward to the Annual where we will share laughter about those canceled flights... those missed connections... and the last minute deals online for plane tickets and missed meals and those late nights or early mornings bathing our cats for the show.

I hope all your goals were achieved this show season. But no matter how you did, remember that this is a HOBBY and it is all about having fun.

I think about Plinko and I think about what past host Bob Barker used to say at the end of each show... "Have your pets neutered or spayed."

Little does he know that we do!

Author: Linda Osburn's "Arrow" cattery sign reads, "Manx Always, Persian and Exotics Occasionally, Japanese Bobtails, Now And Then".

Linda has bred Manx since 1974 and has two Manx national winners, GC, GP, NW Cottori Star Trek Of Arrow in 1998 and GC, GP, NW Tra Mar Mosaic Of Arrow in 1997.

Linda started in Exotics in 1985 and had a national winner in 1986, GC, GP, NW Klasikats Double Rainbow of Arrow.

With the purchase of a Persian, Ch Real World's Billy Boy of Arrow in 2001, and the gift of an Exotic female, GC Mt Hood Tootsie from Judy Boyko, Linda once again got "serious" about her Exotic breeding program. After granding Tootsie, Linda bred her to Billy.

The first litter from these two kitties produced GC, GP, NW Arrow's James Byron Dean (pictured above) , 13th Best Cat in Premiership in CFA 2002-2003, and GC, GP Arrow's Chasing Rainbows, a copper eyed white Exotic.


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