Royal Canin Sensitive Diet Recalled

Published February 2006

February 2006

Royal Canin issued a statement on February 2, 2006 that they were withdrawing four of their veterinary diets due to elevated levels of Vitamin D3, which can lead to high blood calcium levels, and some adverse effects.

The only cat product affected is ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diet Feline SENSITIVITY VR canned (best before 05/2007).

DO NOT FEED THIS FOOD TO YOUR CAT. For more information please contact Royal Canin at 1-800-592-6687.

The statement from Royal Canin appears below:

We regretfully inform you of a recently uncovered problem with our ROYAL Canine Veterinary DietTU canned diets.

Since November, we have had 8 reported cases from across the USA of hypercalceroia dogs. Clinical work-ups suggested high levels of vitamin D3. All of the dogs affected were on ROYAL
CANIN Veterinary Diet(tm) Canine URINARY SO(tm) in gel canned diet. Consequently we started an exhaustive nutrient analysis of our canned products.

This week, we received the independent laboratory results of these nutrient analyses. It is now clear that there are production lots of ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diet1" Canine URINARY SO(tm) in get canned product in the market with excessive levels of Vitamin D3.

The following production Lots are affected (the "best before" date codes are noted on the cardboard tray pack mURINARY SO"1** m gel canned (best before 03/2007,05/2007 and 06/2007). These production code lots should not be fed to pets. Please contact, your clients currently feeding these products to determine if they are feeding an affected code lot. Our veterinarians and representatives are also available to support you at all times.

You may contact your distributor for product replacement or refund. Please do not hesitate to contact your ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diet(tm) representative, or our technical veterinary support team at 800 592-6687 with any questions or concerns that you may have.

The excess levels of Vitamin D3 in the affected production lots are due to a vitamin premix error. We have taken appropriate actions to ensure that this type of error does not recur. subsequent code lots have been tested and, other than the production lots noted above, can be used with confidence. We genuinely regret that this has occurred as we place the highest priority on the health of pets.

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