The Sagittarius Cat

by Betty Sleep
Carraig Birmans

November 22 - December 21

Jupiter: the planet of good time guys

Sagittarius- So what’s your sign?

The Sagittarian is your original "good time Charlie". He's always up, always ready, and raring to go, whether you are or not. Sagittarius is the sign of the sportsman, the hunter supreme. Your Sagittarius cat will leap joyfully, time after time, trying to catch non-existent flies. It is irrelevant that he repeatedly bangs his head on the underside of the dining room table, he's got joie de vivre in abundance, and quite possibly a concussion.

Female Sagittarius cats have been known to "hunt" and kill stuffed toys to feed their litters, forgetting the fact that they were spayed before thoughts of love entered their vacant little minds. Once they have cornered and properly thrashed a limp and dusty catnip mouse, they will proudly exhibit it to the household, while giving out the throaty growl that serves as a call to dinner. Their feelings are often wounded when nobody answers, so for the sake of their mental health, pick up the mouse and pretend to eat it.

Such is the enthusiasm for hunting, that your cat will even point the hamsters, gerbils, and if feeling particularly brave, the guinea pigs belonging to young family members. It is best to double check your cages at night and do a head count. One never knows when a Sagittarian will cross the fine line between his two loves: hunting and eating.

The Sagittarius is also a well known Don Juan, or Donna Wanna. There is no concrete, steel doored vault made that can hold a Sagittarius in love. Early spay/neuter is a must unless you wish a houseful of rampaging wild animals. A litter of Sagittarius kittens closely resembles a small, furry gang of hoodlums at best, and a demolition team at worst. Anything is fair game, and bed mice is just the start of their nightly terrors.

PREY: Anything that moves. And if it doesn't move, the Sagittarian will help by knocking it down, pushing it over, and shoving it off where it sits immobile.

RECREATION: Chasing dogs, but only the brave ones who crumble and give way before the Great Hunter. They will stalk the more nervous dog, such as the neighbor's Shih Tzu, and only make themselves known when sure that the surprise will cause at least an accident on the carpet.

DINING: Al fresco if they can bag a bird outside, or a la carte, if you leave the dinner table unattended.

MUSIC: Take No Prisoners, Catch A Falling Mouse

SLEEPING: With one eye open, the better to see movement under the bed covers.

COMPANIONS: Any Olympic bi-athlete that can shoot a mouse at 50 yards, the inventor of bird feeders on a pole, otherwise known as "lunch on a stick"; Hercule Poirot

NAMES: Buck, Sport, Junior, Tarzan, Calamity Jane

INTERACTION: Teaching the fine art of "cat avoidance" to every bird, mouse, and squirrel within attack range.

PREVIOUS EXISTENCE: RCMP officer, farmer who lost a needle in a haystack, British navy captain assigned to finding the Franklin expedition.

MOTTO: "Si le no exista tol, e finderus. Si exista tol, e loserus et finderus. Si le no cor foolingus, qui le lassirit?" If it is lost, I will find it. If it is not lost, I will lose it so I can find it. If it is not for playing with, why do you leave it out here?

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