Setting Up Your Cage Curtains

by Pamela R. Martin
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So many of the newbies ask "How do I set up my new curtains?"  By popular request,  instructions are now illustrated for you!

When you arrive at the showhall, your benching area will look like this - only there won't be (or shouldn't be) loose kitties hanging around!!  The cage will be bare other than your entry numbers being  attached. 

It's now up to you  to turn this bare cage into a showcase for your cat (s) and cattery!

Lift the top lid of the cage all the way up and drop down to the front.

If you will be using a divider, bring it to the middle and clamp to the front of the cage, otherwise fold the divider all the way to the back of the cage.

Bread ties work well for this. 

For obvious reasons, some exhibitors prefer to do these steps once the cage is on the floor.  

;-)   You decide.

Carefully lift the cage off the table and  place it on the floor. 

You may want to spray and wipe the cage with a disinfectant at this time. 

Lay the skirt over the table to the desired amount of drop.  This skirt will hide your things such as carriers, underneath the table. 

I like to place a sheet of clear plastic over the skirt or some sort of matching plastic tablecloth. 

This gives the skirt and kitty extra protection against soils and spills while  making it easier to clean up accidents  during the show.

Next, if you're tall enough, place the cage back on top of the skirt. 

If you are short like me, you may want to keep the cage on the floor for now. 

Lift the top of the cage up and flip the lid all the way down over the front.

Begin draping  the liner over the inside and outside of the cage.

The liner usually have two sides so you can drape the liner equally over the cage wall.

Less expensive liners are sometimes only wide enough to drape down one side. This style will require clamps to hold it in place. 

Continue draping around the entire cage until you get a  neat  fit.

Once the liner is evenly draped around the cage to the end, fold under any access in length.  

Clamp at the bottom. 

This holds the curtains in place and helps to keep them looking nice for the show.

You are now ready to place the curtain topper onto the cage top. 

Once this is accomplished and you are happy with the placement of the topper, clamp two  clamps on the top backside of the cage as shown above.

Again, this will prevent your curtains from sliding off the cage and keep them looking nice for the show.

If you haven't already placed the cage on top of the table, do so now. 

Also put the covered and filled litter box  inside the cage along with the donut bed, food, toys and of course your show kitty! 

You are now ready to decorate your benching area even more with your cattery sign, photos, etc. 

As you will see in the showhall, many exhibitors are quite creative and sometimes elaborate! 

Hope you have a great show!

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