A Show Is Born

Ristokat Himalayans

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Have you ever wondered
how that empty hall...

... gets turned into a CAT SHOW???

Watch as the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon is transformed into
the Lewis & Clark Cat Club show.

Pipe and drape is placed around each of the judging rings, to separate them.

Skirting is placed around the judge's table, and the tables holding the cages.

Christmas decorations and judge's signs are added to each ring.

Rosettes are laid out, and a ring is finished.... repeat 7 more times! :-)

Banners are hung...

... and the vendors begin to arrive...

Stanchions are placed in rows, with plywood sheets placed on top to form the benching rows.

Blank paper is then used to cover the plywood sheets.

Benching cages and chairs for the exhibitors are added to each row.

Friskies finishes setting up their display.

Decorating is finished in other areas of the hall.

Saturday morning, exhibitors arrive and begin to setup...

the check-in table. At right, the raffle table and prizes.

and it suddenly looks like a cat show!

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