Published May 2011

Have you always wanted to show a cat, but never had the opportunity?

Have you dreamed about having a cattery of your own, but live in a one room apartment?

Maybe you would love to be a cat breeder, but are allergic to them?

Perhaps there is a different path you can take by stepping into a virtual world.

“" is an innovative and exciting simulation game from the makers of the popular website. is the one-of-a-kind online cat showing game that gives you a chance to own, breed and show your own cattery of show cats. is based on real-life cat breeds and real-life cat showing. It is the game for serious cat fanciers! You can feed, train, and groom cats of your favorite breed to show ring perfection, then breed carefully to help develop your line over generations.

How It Works

In this online game, you are the owner, breeder, and manager of your show cats. You budget the rations of food your cats receive, how you breed your cats, which shows you enter, and much, much more!

You can choose from 50 different breeds of cats; whether it be Persian, Siamese or Ragdoll, there is a breed for you!

Each breed has its own breed standard. You get to decide what traits you want to try and improve in your breed. Choose your matings carefully to produce grand champion kittens! Show your cats in kitten, championship, or premiership classes, just like a real show.

You make all of the decisions that determine the success of your cattery. has something for everyone. Whether you've been showing real cats for years, have never shown a cat, or have never even owned a real animal, this game is fun, challenging, and a unique experience.

If you want the opportunity to experience owning your own cattery without the expense (or the cat litter) of a real cattery, go to There is a new kitten waiting for you.


Your cat can be a star!

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