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I was struggling with really bad stud tail on my boy. I just couldn’t get it under control.

A fellow exhibitor suggested that I try Jerob Pre-Cleaning Creme. It is marketed as a creme to loosen the the worst grease and soil from your cat's (or dog's) coat prior to shampooing.

Jerob also suggests you can just apply a dab to a dry coat to wipe away stud tail in cats as well as stains from urine and feces. It washes out cleanly without leaving a residue. It can be repeated without harming coat.

It sounded good so I decided to give it a try!

I applied it to my boy’s (dry) tail and massaged it in for a couple of minutes. Then I wiped it off. The nasty black stuff melted away! And it did not damage the hair or skin.

I was really amazed at way the grease lifted off. I shampooed it out and the tail looked better immediately. The boy still has hair loss on the tail that needed to grow back but the skin is pink and healthy looking on the tail.

I couldn't be more pleased! :-)

About The Author:

Jackie Herbort showed Pointed Persians for 13 years.

In 2004 she retired from breeding to spend more time with her husband.

They are enjoying the rewards of retirement living on Lake Cherokee in Tennessee.

Jackie is still active as an exhibitor and is currently showing the last kitty from her last litter, GP Sassipurrs Gold Standard (Pictured Right).

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