TICA Turns Thirty

Published June 2009


The International Cat Association celebrates its 30th anniversary and honors the people and cats that made it the world's largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats and registry of household pet cats and kittens.

In 1979 the organization was founded by Georgia Morgan and Larry Paul, and later headquartered in Harlingen, Texas. Not only was TICA the first genetic registry of cats, but the first cat fancy organization to open up registration to household pet cats and kittens.

During the past 30 years, TICA has:

  • Registered more than 336,000 cats and kittens around the world.
  • More than 4,700 participating members.
  • Grown from a domestic organization to one of the world's largest organization in the cat fancy with more than 93 clubs in 20 countries. The newest country to host a TICA cat show is Panama.
  • Been the only cat fancy registry to register household pet cats and kittens who compete for the same titles and regional and international awards as the pedigreed cats.
  • Recognized more than 54 breeds of cats for championship and non-championship status.
  • Watched as the most popular cat changed from the Persian in 1979 to the Bengal in 2008.
  • Introduces more new breeds than other cat fancy organizations, including the popular Bengal, Toyger and Savannah.

“This year is a special time of celebration for TICA as it marks not only our 30th anniversary, but it's an important time for us to honor the people and especially the beautiful cats that have had a huge impact on the cat fancy as a whole,” said Vickie Fisher, President of TICA. “While TICA is a genetic registry and we strive to improve the different breeds of cats, our priority is the welfare of all cats living in communities around the world.”

TICA will celebrate its 30th Anniversary at its Annual 2009 Cat Show scheduled on September 5 and 6, 2009 in Orlando, Florida. The show which will host hundreds of cats and kittens from around the world is held in conjunction with the 2008-2009 Awards Banquet where the Top 25 International Winners for cats, kittens, alters, household pets and household pet kittens will be presented. The TICA Annual 2009 Cat Show will be held at the Orange County Convention Center.

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