Veterans of the Northwest 2005

by Kathy Durdick
Ristokat Himalayans

Published Julne 2005

For the 2004-2005 show season, the Northwest Region became the first region to offer awards for the veteran's class.   This class is for CFA registered cats that are 7 years or older.  They competed strictly in the veteran's class - not Championship or Premiership.

Only shows held within the region were counted for scoring purposes, and 6 shows were scored for the 2004-05 season.   Scoring was done in the same way that the Northwest Region scores Household Pets.  Points are calculated in the same way they are for any other class - ie Best Veteran gets points equal to the number of entered cats less one, 2nd Best gets 95% of that amount, etc.  

There were several of the shows where the Veteran's class had 10-15 veterans present and competing – and the judges were very appreciative of the high quality they saw!   Many of the veteran's were previous Regional Winners, DMs, etc.

The final winners for the year are:

Best Veteran

GC, GP, RW Ciderhouse Tennison

 Born 1/1/1996

Ruddy Somali Neuter

Br: Polly & Ron Lauser

Ow: Joyce Lippincott

2nd Best Veteran

GP, RW Ristokat's Masquerade of Tamarakatz

Born 4/27/1997

Seal Point Himalayan Spay

Br: Jon & Kathy Durdick

Ow: Tammy Roark

3rd Best Veteran

GP, RW Kiriki Kon Jai Yen

Born 3/17/1994

Korat Neuter

Br/Ow: Ann Segrest

4th Best Veteran

GC, GP, RW Kurisumasu Yukusaki of Arrow

Born 9/9/1997

BEW LH Japanese Bobtail Neuter

Br: Marianne Clark

Ow: M Clark - Linda & Ken Osburn

5th Best Veteran

GC Kurisumasu Yoshiwara
of Kuniyoshi, DM

Born 11/21/1996

Mi-Ke SH Japanese Bobtail Spay

Br: Marianne Clark

Ow: Marianne Clark - David Myers

If you are interested in showing a veteran in CFA, there is an email list on To join send an email to

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