The Veterans Class
(or a group of cats have a Senior Moment)

BY ANN SEGREST, Kiriki Korats
& TAMMY ROARK, Tamarakatz Somalis

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February 2nd, 2002 in Portland, Oregon, a very special competition was held at the Oregon Cats, Inc. cat show.

One of the highlights of the day's judging was an unusual class just for "Veteran" Cats.

Class Description:

  • The class is for cats 7 years and older.
  • Males, females and alters all compete together.
  • The top five cats are selected.

The Competitors:

  • The youngest cat was 7 years, 2 months old.
  • The oldest cat was a venerable spay over 16 years old!
  • There were 8 Neuters, 2 Spays and an 11 year old Male Siamese!
  • 9 entries were shorthairs and included 2 Korats, 2 Manx, and one each of Cornish Rex, Javanese, Scottish Fold and a Somali.
  • 2 entries were longhair: a Turkish Van neuter and a male Persian over 10 years old. A special Bravo to the Persian owners, Dan and Terri Zittel, who kept such a venerable old man in coat!!!
  • Entries included one National Winner & three regional winners.

The Judge:

  • Betty Denny, who has been a CFA judge for over 20 years!

The Judging Procedure:

  • The numbers were posted in the regular fashion and the judging began at 1:00 PM.
  • Betty handled the 11 veterans in the usual order, taking time to to talk to the spectators about the cats as she judged them.
  • Before she hung her ribbons, but after she'd written down the placements, Betty walked down the line of judging cages and paused at each entry while the audience applauded for each cat.
  • Betty then selected her top 5 cats and had each owner come up to the judging table and take their cat out and present it to the audience.
  • The sponsoring club, Oregon Cats Inc., gave each of the contestants a special gift.
  • NOTE: The entry clerk had to create a special judging sheet for this class of golden oldies.


Betty Denny
puts the "kids"
through their

Photos are in order of the cat's ages from the
youngest to the oldest

7 YR, 2 MO old Somali neuter
7 YR, 8 MO old Korat neuter
8 YR, 4 MO old Cornish Rex neuter
9 YR, 7 MO old Javanese neuter
9 YR, 10 MO old Manx neuter
10 YR old Turkish Van neuter
10 YR, 4 MO old Persian neuter
11 YR, 6 MO old Siamese male
12 YR, 9 MO old Korat spay
13 YR, 8 MO old Scottish Fold neuter
16 YR, 7 MO old Manx spay

And the Winners are...
Best Cat

13 year, 8 month old
Scottish Fold Neuter

GP Kiekie Leo the Light Hearted

br/ow James & Alice Juan

Best Cat

7 year, 8 month old
Korat Neuter

GP RW Kiriki Kon Jai Yen

Br/ow Ann Segrest

Best Cat


10 year, 4 month old
Persian Neuter

GC Keeperkit Midnight Hour of Earlywinters

Br:Mac & Dori Macomber
on: Dan & Terri Zittel
Best Cat

9 year, 10 month
Manx Neuter

GC GP NW Cottori Star Trek of Arrow

Br: Paul & Becky Cotter
ow: Linda & Ken Osburn/
Paul Cotter

and presenting the

in the Veteran's Class...

GP, RW Ciderhouse Sebastian

7 year, 2 month old
Somali Neuter

Br: Polly Lauser
ow: Tammy Roark

Hi! Are you going to play with me?
Zowie... I love to play!
Please! Make me your Best Cat!
Sebastian knows his owner, Tammy, is proud of him for doing "good".
Sebastian gives judge Betty a BIG thank you kiss. He knows how to schmooze!

Comments made by the Best Cat:

  • Obviously I was delighted with this class, since I was judged to be the "Best Veteran".
  • I was thrilled to be in a showhall again. I never really understood why I don't get to "go" to the shows anymore...
  • It was really fun, and I was very happy to see one of my very favorite judges, Betty Denny. In fact, I may have embarrassed myself by how much I "schmoozed" her, but I just couldn't help it.
  • I was also very happy to "meet and greet" all of the spectators that stopped by to see me at my benching cage.
  • I know I made my servant... ah... human companion very happy. I am her very first Somali - so I am also her oldest one :-)!!! I'm not getting older, I am just getting better!
  • The breeders and owners looked more anxious for the veterans class, than for the regular classes!
Final Observation about the Veterans Class:
  • This is an excellent way to show breeds in their full maturity.
  • Since breed standards may place the emphasis on younger cats, this would be a great class to encourage the showing of older specimens.
  • Judges would benefit from the opportunity to see and handle fully-mature cats.
  • Fanciers would appreciate seeing mature individuals of breeds other than their own.
  • Breeders would gain the advantage of being able to evaluate how well certain lines develop as they mature.
If you are interested in showing a veteran in CFA, there is an email list on To join send an email to

***photos by Ann Segrest and Tammy Roark

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