Victory For Dog Breeders
Defeat For Cat Breeders

Published March 2006

Friday, March 10, 2006

The City of Long Beach voted this week to repeal its long-standing ban on dog breeding in favor of a more moderate "breeder permit" program. The change comes as a result of nearly two years of collaborative work by local dog fanciers, AKC kennel clubs, and city officials.

The New Law Provisions Regarding Cats:

Unfortunately, while the bill now allows dog breeding (albeit with restrictions), provisions were added that effectively ban all cat breeding!

  • All intact cats over 4 months are prohibited (unless for medical reasons).
  • No transfer of a cat is allowed without a transfer permit and fee, and only if the name of the breeder is known or the person is a 501 (c) (3) rescue.
  • A valid business license is required for any transfer made for compensation.
  • Animal control has the right to inspect the property of any permittee.
  • Fines for violation related to breeding and transfer are $350 - $700 for first violation and up to $1000 for each subsequent violation.

Dangerous Precedent

This bill sets a dangerous precedent which could endanger the hobby of cat breeding in the United States.

Safeguarding Our Rights

AKC can celebrate this new law as a victory in its battle to support and promote pedigreed dogs by working with legislators to fashion laws that permit dog breeding.

Unfortunately this law is also fashioned at the expense of the cat breeder.

The cat fancy should not and cannot rely upon the dog fancy to safe-guard our rights.

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