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Excerpts from the 1960 CFA Yearbook, Part 4

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A Check List For Your Show


  • Choose your show date and confirm with the CFA Secretary. (Your show date will then be listed in the current Year Book.)
  • Select your Specialty Show sponsors.
  • Secure your judges. During correspondence with them, find out their preferences as to towels and disinfectant.
  • Locate and arrange for a suitable hall. If a mircrophone is not part of the contract, you will have to arrange to rent one.
  • Select your Show officials.
  • Locate some Motels or Hotels near your hall that will accept cats and list on your flyer.


  • Go over your entry list using last year's catalogues from your area to be sure that it is up-to-date.
  • Have your entry blanks, flyers, premium list and acceptance cards printed, or at least roughed out. You can have your envelopes typed, too. Be sure to put closing time of last day of show on your flyer.
  • Copies of entry blanks and premium lists must be filed with the CFA Secretary.
  • Start your advertising campaign with the commercial companies. Advertising varies in different localities, but radio and television advertising must often be planned well in advance. Feature writers for the newspapers like to have copy early, as their columns are usually planned months in advance.
  • Order your Show Rules and Judge's books.


  • Send out entry blanks.
  • Get all your local ads lined up.
  • Find or contact your printer.
  • Organize your committees.
  • Arrange for a caterer or food committee.
  • Be sure to check what local licenses you will need to hold the show.
  • Locate your cages and make your benching plan. This will govern the number of cats you can accept. If you must rent tables and chairs, locate them.
  • Arrange for litter and boxes. (It is permissable to ask exhibitors to bring their own litter boxes and food dishes, but this must be stated in your flyer.)
  • Arrange for horsemeat.
  • Contact at least two veterinarians to check the cats.
  • Order paper towels. Plates for meat are nice, but not necessary - wax paper will do.
  • Check the decorations for the judges area, draperies, oil cloth, numbers; also figure the paper you will need for benching the show.
  • If you are using a poster, design it, find your printer, and plan suitable locations for its display.
  • Contact a trash company for barrels and service, if this is not included in your contract for the hall.
  • Talke to your Show photographer and find his needs in the way of a room, etc.
  • It is nice to have CFA registration blanks at the desk for new CFA exhibitors, and this is a good time to order a supply.

WHEN ENTRIES ARE IN (preferably at least three weeks before the Show)

  • Get your catalog to the printer.
  • Make out your ribbon list and order. If you have used a mail order house, you can order your rosettes ahead of time, and order your flats now.
  • Prepare your judges books.
  • Make envelopes for each exhibitor, and a card for each cat.
  • Make out and send acceptance cards.
  • Bench your show and prepare a list of exhibitors' names for each row of cages, or draw up a floor plan.
  • Make out cards for trophies. It is nice to have the win, name of show and ate on these, as well as the donor.
  • If you are going to use CFA insurance, at least ten days before the show, you must submit the names of judges and stewards to be insured to Mr. Robert C. Laird. Payment of $2.50 per person and the names of those to be insured should be sent to the CFA Treasurer. This insures payment of up to $250.00 in case of injury. Other insurance may be carried if you so desire.


  • Judges area: pencil and pad, scotch tape, thumb tacks, towels, disinfectant, bowls and sponges for judges tables, and sprays and disinfectant plus bowls and sponges for the cage attendants. You should have some sort of spray to be used throughout the show room from time to time, to keep the air fresh.
  • Stapler for attaching paper, oilcloth, draperies throughout the show room.
  • First Aid kit.
  • For door committee: tickets, changes and a notebook to record marked catalogs, etc., cash box.
  • Veterinary must have suitable table and disinfectant.


  • Keep entry blanks, marked judges slips, and 1 marked catalog for your club records.
  • Within 5 days after Show, send a marked catalog, marked Premium list, and a list of Hydon-Goodwin Challenge Awards, plus the listing fees, to the CFA Recorder.
  • If you have an Approval Pending judge, a questionnaire furnished by the CFA Secretary must be filled out, signed by the majority of the Show Committee, and sent to the CFA Secretary within 30 days of the show.
  • Be sure to send ALL marked catalogs ordered and paid for. It is a serious offense to accept monies for marked catalogs and not send them. The CFA Board will penalize the club in such cases.

This check list is predicated on the 1959-60 Show Rules, and was compiled by several Show Managers of experience.

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