by Adia Kilpatrick
LoyalroyaL British Shorthairs

Published Novemner 2004

British Shorthair breeder, Adia Kilpatrick shared her first experience at a cat show in the article titled, Fancy Meeting You Here. Now join Adia as she is accepted as one-of-the-club.

Well, I'll be catnipped... EVERYTHING about yesterday's show experience was a complete change from the others!

Even a flea bearing witness atop my tarnished halo to what I've been through wouldn't have jumped in. But I persevered and lo! finally met the elusive "fun and friendly" aspect of the fancy.

Meandering the aisles, I discovered my name attached to the memory of familiar faces! I was greeted, hugged, smiled and waved at or invited to sit on pulled-up chairs. Expecting to again shiver in the cold cat show world, this collective welcome felt like a blanket warmed in the dryer had been thrown over me. Oooooh - nice!

While I consider this budding camaraderie my most valuable show benefit, becoming a newbie-turned-newborn owner of a champion made it fun! Don't know how many of you seasoned exhibitors remember your first time for that, but it put my heart on a pogo stick!

Reflecting on the small sum of my show experience I see how critically important it is for first ones to be positive. With nothing to compare it against, the first will seem representative of all shows. Mine sent me home severely disillusioned and doubting return.

I'm glad my commitment dragged me forward, for I've come to see there are and will be bad shows and good shows - ditto for exhibitors, breeders and everything else in life.

Smiled all the way home, preferring own purrs to radio.

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