Willows' Story

by Marianne Clark, Kurisumasu Japanese Bobtails

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On the way home from the International cat show, we stopped at the show traditional Motel 6. We settled in Sunday night, but I left something in the car.

Outside I heard a tiny "mew" "mew" "mew" "mew".

Horrible visions that one of our cats had accidentally gotten loose filled my head. I went outside. Looking around, I saw a little longhair black/white baby under a car, filthy and crying with a bent tail and swollen foot.

I gave he/she some food.

He/she hung around but when we tried to catch he/she, he/she would back off a few feet. This little "dance" went on for some time back and forth across the parking lot... me, the black and white kitten and my traveling (and breeding) partner, Susan, (in bare feet) .

The baby then went inside the pool area and began drinking the algae-laden water....

We knew then we couldn't leave he/she in this place.

Out came a really long agility-type cat toy with rabbit fur on the end. With this irresistible toy, we caught the kitten's attention and for about 15 minutes we played until he/she came up and finally allowed me to pet it.

I was able to then pick he/she up... PURRING!

Well... purring temporarily. When we put it in an empty carrier we became the fiends from cat hell to he/she. Named,"WILLOWS" since that was the town we were in at the time, our new kitten was homeless no longer.

Once we arrived home, the baby was Isolated in a condo, the swelling in the foot came down. Willows was not nearly as frightened by day two and we were actually received meds and a bath.

A couple days later, Willows went in for a vet exam. Oh yeah, it's a boy!


Marianne Clark of Kurisumasu Cattery has been showing and breeding Japanese Bobtails since 1989.   Pictured is GC, GP, BW, RW Kurisumasu Shobi, DM.  Shobi is the leading Longhair D.M. female with 13 qualifying offspring.  To date, Kurisumasu has had 125 CFA grands, 16 CFA Distinguished Merit Cats, numerous CFA regional winners, and four Best of Division Longhair JBTs in CFA, including the first Longhair JBT grand in CFA, GP RW Kurisumasu Kindei, June 6, 1993.


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