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Your show baby has grown up, turned 8 months old, and has "graduated" from kitten class...

Now what?

Up to the age of 8 months, all kittens competed together, regardless of whether they were
altered or intact.

However, at the age of 8 months, cats are separated into 2 different classes of competition:

  1. Intact (un-altered) cats will compete in the Championship division
  2. Altered cats will compete in the Premiership division.

Regardless of which class you are in, the first step is the same. In either case, your cat will begin its adult show career competing as an OPEN in their division of competition.

In order to move forward in your quest for titles, an OPEN must first receive six (6) different winners ribbons, from at least four (4) different judges. (Outside of the mainland U.S. and Japan, there are lesser requirements - please refer to the CFA show rules for details).

For each color class recognized by CFA, the best Open male/neuter of that color, and the best
Open female/spay of that color, are awarded a winners ribbon.

Depending on the amount of competition, your cat may be able to get all its required winners ribbons in a single show - or, it may take several shows, if you happen to be showing a popular color with tough competition!

Once you have received the required number of winners ribbons, the next step is to fill out the Championship/Premiership Claim Form and send it in to CFA, along with the required fee of $10

Blank forms are usually printed near the front, the back or the middle of the show catalog.

Once you have filled out the Claim Form, you can mail it to CFA, or if you fill it out at the show, you can give it to the Master Clerk along with a check (no cash) to be included in the show results packet that is sent to Central Office for processing.

Below is a sample claim form, filled out and ready to go.

You must first "claim" your cat's Champion or Premier title before you will be credited with any grand points earned at future shows. Once your cat's Champion/Premier title is confirmed, your cat can start accumulating grand points.

For information on that process read the article titled Calculating Grand Points.


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