You Know You Have Too Many Cats When...

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You know you have too many cats when...

  • Your annual cat food bill is more than the combined Gross National Product of Liechtenstein, Andorra, and San Marino.
  • Your last three cats are named Puss, Kitty-cat, and Hey You.
  • You and your spouse are sleeping on the floor because there's no more room in the bed.
  • The cleaning lady at the vet's office calls you by your first name.
  • All your windowsills are occupied.
  • Your neighbors forget your last name and start referring to you as "you know, the cat people".
  • You have to change the vacuum cleaner bags every week.
  • You're running out of corners to put litter boxes in.
  • Even your coffee table has a slip cover.
  • The most important crop in your garden every year is catnip.
  • You can't remember what a house plant looks like.
  • Flea collars smell good to you.
  • You actually understand what your cats are saying.
  • More than half your mail comes from Purina and Friskies.
  • Every year you get a personally autographed Christmas card from Morris.
  • Your cat door has been replaced three times.
  • For Mothers Day last year the kids pooled their money and bought you an electric cat brush. You thought it was the perfect gift.


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