You Know You're A Campaigner If

byLorraine Shelton

Published May 2006

You know you are a campaigner if...

  • You leave work early every Friday and whether you show up for work on- time on Monday depends on the weather a thousand miles away.
  • Your brand-new shiny SUV has over 100K miles on it and it's only 7 months old.
  • Your credit card company calls to inform you that your credit card has been stolen and duplicates sold across the country... and you respond, "No, that's me".
  • You buy a new laptop computer with a satellite modem just to check e- points from the show hall on Sunday.
  • "Fyfe and Drum", "National Capital", "Los Colores" and "Sacred Cat Of Burma" are code names for specific cat show dates and locations.
  • You have to look at the airport code on your luggage to figure out where you are.
  • You haven't unpacked in six months, you just swap out clothes every week.
  • Your boss doesn't ask you "Have any plans for the weekend?". Instead he asks, "Where is the cat show this weekend?"
  • You know the layout of major airports better than you know your own neighborhood.
  • You went on an airplane once WITHOUT a cat and kept stretching your legs out in front of you and mumbling, "Something's missing."
  • You have so many frequently flyer miles that they sent you a gold card... 14 karat gold.
  • Your most frequently used brand of shampoo (human) is Holiday Inn.
  • Pizza delivered to your hotel room and grand cake in the show hall have become major staples of your diet.
  • Your travel agent sends with you presents on your birthday, Christmas and May 1st of every year.

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