You May be a Campaigner if:

by Dennis Ganoe
GentleGift Korats

Published May 2001

We hope you enjoy this
"take" on campaigning
with a grain of salt,
a pinch of humor,
and a touch of truth.

You may be a campaigner if:

  • You choose your shows based on your competition, where they're going and what position they are in the standings relative to your cat.
  • You like to know where your competition is going to be next week. Subtle questions like "Where are you going to be next week?" usually gets the information without raising suspicion that your are trying to avoid them.
  • You double enter shows and decide where to go based on the count. Very often this involves double ticketing and double booking for your flight and hotel room, but what the hey? You only get to campaign once, right?
  • You consider spaying/neutering your cat because it lost in all the rings. If you're showing in Premiership, this is probably not an option.
  • Although your cat eats the very best and doesn't 'make do', your family has learned to love macaroni and cheese and do their own laundry.
  • You are visibly upset after missing a final and only the condolences of fellow campaigners and a chocolate ice cream cone can make you feel better.
  • While most exhibitors check-in the morning of the show, you call the entry clerk just after the show closes to see who is entered. This is called the campaigner's "check-in" and allows you time to switch to Plan "B" for the weekend if necessary.
  • You have ever 'made an entrance' to the judging ring so that you (and
    your cat) are noticed. One of the surest signs that you're a "making an entrance" is if you come into the ring with your cat held high over your head and "swing" them into their judging cage. This technique is known as "swooping" and is helps fluff up that Persian's coat. One the other hand, holding a cat over your head can be a challenge for the Maine Coon exhibitor - unless you are built like Arnold.
  • You express shock when your cat loses to an unknown local exhibit. This may lead to behavior #1 if the owner/exhibitor of the winning cat looks like they may become a campaigner.

And finally, you may be a campaigner if:

  • You think nothing about traveling clear across the country for the weekend to show your cat and still get back for work Monday morning. Not that you'll actually get anything accomplished when you get there, but your coworkers have learned to cover for you until Tuesday when you get your act back together.

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